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As baseball/softball kicks off, we want to remind everybody to be respectful when using the field at the high school. The high school players, coaches and faculty work hard to keep things ready to play high school games.

• Don't litter, Pick up your trash and throw it away.

• If you remove a tarp or screen please put it back where it was and do not step on the tarps as they could get holes in them.

• Don't let your kids climb on fences, nets or other equipment.

• Don't take the bases, or plugs up that are in place. If you remove the plugs to use the bases replace the plugs when done.

• Don't hit into the fences this will ruin and shorten the life of the fence. We have batting gages for that, or bring a pop up net.

• We have a new softball home plate installed, so try to monitor kids, so they don't put holes in it with their bats.

• Turn all of the lights off when you leave.

• Be mindful that our baseball/softball teams don't have set times to be finished for practice, we finish when we get all of our work done. Once we finish, you're more than welcome to practice and use the fields.

Coach Greg Smith