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2020 High School Supply List

Posted Date: 07/25/2019

2020 High School Supply List

Plant – 7th/8th English/Language Arts 

(1) Planner book for 2019-20

(1) 3” Binder

(1) Set of Dividers

(5) Folders with brads (pockets on side if available)

(1) Package of lined index cards (white)

Pencils AND Pens (black and blue ink)

Composition Notebook – UNLESS student is a returning 8th grader. Returning students will continue working in the same comp notebook as last year

Waylon Lewallen - History - All Classes

 Pencils, Highlighters, Subject dividers 

AP classes - Minimum - 3” binder. 


Rhonda Miller - Music - All Classes

1/2 inch ring binder with pockets

Loose leaf paper


Melanie Tatom - Business - All Classes

Pocket folder with brads

Earbuds/ headphones



Kahlynn Walton - Art - All Classes

11x14 mix media tablet, ruler

Spiral notebook 

Poster board (any color)


Cathy Johnson - Math

Straight Edge (Looseleaf) Notebook Paper

3 Ring Binder (to keep organized) with Dividers

Sharpened Pencils 


Pink erasers

Colored ink pens or pencils

Graph paper

2 Boxes Kleenex

TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculators will be provided in class but cannot be taken home. If you would like to purchase one for use at home, you are welcome to do so. They can be used throughout your high school and college math classes.

Note: if taking 7th or 8th math with me, follow Mrs. Porter’s supply list.

Allie Porter –  7th/8th Math

Zippered Binder (Will be shared with other classes)





Compass and protractor 

Dry Erase Markers



 English 9/10 - 3 ring binder; dividers; bound notebook for journal (spiral or composition is fine); glue stick; pens/pencils; paper

Oral Communications - note cards; pens/pencils; paper

I am also collecting old magazines, calendars, etc. for a project. All donations are welcome.

Lori Chambless – High School Math Classes

Straight edge notebook paper 

3-ring binder


Highly recommend:  TI-84+ graphing calculator 

 7th Grade Science – Fox  

1. 1- trapper keeper that zips shut (this will be shared with Mrs. Porter)- students are responsible for bringing this to math and science every day.

2. Pencil case that stays in the binder.

3. 12 pack of colored pencils (shared with Mrs. Porter)

4. 1- glue stick (this is to stay in the pencil case) 

5. 1- pack of dividers

6. 1- pair of earbuds that should stay in their trapper keeper. 

7. 1- bottle of hand sanitizer

8. 1- ruler (this is shared with Mrs. Porter)

9. Notebook paper

10. Pencils

11. 3-Pocket folders

12. 1-package of multi-colored post it notes


Biology and AP Biology Supply List Mrs. Fox

1. 1- 2-inch 3 ring binder

2. 1- pencil case that stays in the binder

3. 12 pack of colored pencils (these are to stay in the pencil case)

4. 1-glue stick (this stays in the pencil case)

5. 1-package of dividers

6. 1-200 pack of index cards

7. 1- pair of earbuds that come to class everyday

8. Notebook paper

9. Pencils

10. 1- package of multi-colored post it notes

Austin Kidd- 9th Civics/8th Grade Social Studies 

  • (1) 2 inch Three Ring Binder 
  • Pencils 
  • Paper 
  • Colored Pencils 
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • Dividers